Full English Breakfast Recipe England

Full English BreakfastIf you have been following the Olympics in London, tomorrow will most likely be a long morning of TV viewing for you so you need to make proper preparations for breakfast. I can't think of a more perfect selection for this meal than the Full English Breakfast. Also know as a "Full English" or a "Fry Up", this is an old school breakfast popular throughout the UK.

2 eggs, sunny side up
2 strips of bacon
2 sausage links
baked beans
grilled tomatoes
2 pieces of toast
orange juice

  1. Prepare the baked beans.
  2. Make a pot of tea. Preferably English Breakfast tea.
  3. In a large skillet over medium heat, brown the sausage and bacon.
  4. Remove the sausage and bacon from the skillet. Drain off the excess fat/oil and then cook the tomato slices on each side for about a minute.
  5. Remove the tomatoes and set aside.
  6. Cook two eggs in the skillet sunny side up or however you like them.
  7. Toast the bread and apply butter. Serve with orange marmalade.

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